Jun 28

Senior Spotlight 2017: Luc Blow

We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2017: Luc Blow


Blow, Luc Senior 2017


Stats: 5’10″/170lbs

Year in School/School: Northern Cyclones Junior Hockey (Olathe East High School)

Sports Played: Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): Sidney Crosby

Sports Goal: Move from the USPHL Elite Division to the Premier Division by the end of the season

Most Memorable Sports Experience: Winning the Silver Stick Regionals in Denver with Team Midwest in October 2016

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP34.5 years

Favorite Movement/Lift: Deadlift

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3Getting to workout side-by-side and make friends with athletes that play different sports.  Oh and the gainz.

Advice to Other Athletes: “Staying positive is huge.  When things get tough, remember to stay positive and keep in mind that you’re playing your favorite sport and it should be fun.”

“What a transformation that Luc has made in his time with us.  Luc was one of our first athletes, our first ice hockey athlete.  He came in the door with little weight room experience though had big dreams of hockey beyond the high school ranks.  Luc dug in and worked his tail off for those 4+ years and I could not be more proud of where he is today.  Him and his parents trusted in us to get him prepared physically for the rigors of ice hockey and stuck with our process of long term athletic development.  It is due to that that Luc has stayed healthy throughout his high school career as well as his continually growth/development.  I know that he will be a force on the ice and in the weight room for the Cyclones this fall/winter and I look forward to watching him via the Internet!  Best of luck Luc, we might have to have a staff winter trip up to NH!”

Coach Hemphill

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