Jun 19

Senior Spotlight 2017: Makayla Michalski

We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2017: Makayla Michalski



Stats: 5’3″

Year in School/School: Freshmen/Park University (St. James Academy)

Sports Played: Volleyball

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): Kerri Walsh-Jennings and Eric Hosmer

Sports Goal: To become faster and more explosive on the court

Most Memorable Sports Experience: Traveling to Minnesota for a National tournament and bonding with my teammates

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP36 months

Favorite Movement/Lift: Box Jumps and “Beach Body Abs”

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3I love how the environment pushes you to become better as an athlete and as a person.  The coaches truly care about helping athletes surpass their potential!

Advice to Other Athletes: “Never be afraid to give 110% and work hard, but do so in a humble way.”

“It has been our privilege to work with Makayla these past 6 months.  Every time that she comes in the door you know that you are going to get a hello and a smile, followed by a thank you when she leaves.  It is a pleasure working with athletes like Makayla as she is truly the embodiment of what our program at PSP3 is all about; creating a fun, competitive environment where athletes set aside their talents and egos and where the only thing that defines you is your work ethic.  We’re so excited that Makayla will be furthering her volleyball career and education at Park University next fall.  I know that she will make a big impact on her team socially and on the court!”

Coach Hemphill

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