Jun 22

Senior Spotlight 2017: Noah Janofsky

We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2017: Noah Janofsky


Janofsky, N Senior 2017


Stats: 5’9″/170lbs

Year in School/School: Richmond Generals (Blue Valley High School)

Sports Played: Ice Hockey

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): P.K. Subban

Sports Goal: To play collegiate hockey

Most Memorable Sports Experience: Winning a State/League Championship my junior year with the Kansas City Jets.  We had such a great team and I was fortunate enough to score the only two goals in the championship game while playing with some of my best friends from over the years

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP34.5 years

Favorite Movement/Lift: Deadlift

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3I love the competition that is in the air every day.  Everyone is pushing everybody else in the gym to work their hardest and to be their best

Advice to Other Athletes: “Be proactive and don’t get complacent.  It took getting cut to make a significant change in my life that I wish I would’ve made years before.”

“As one of our hockey guys Noah has a mentally tough attitude that allows him to grind through the pain during grueling workouts which has helped him reach his goal of playing hockey at the next level.  He wasn’t always this way though.  Noah made a major change in his attitude and effort after his first year with us and it has paid off immensely.  When he first started with us there was reluctance, uncertainty and poor eating habits that slowed his development down.  Since he decided to burn the boat and be all in he has made an amazing transformation into a legitimate force on the ice.  We could not be prouder of who Noah has become not only as an athlete but as a young man.  We are excited to see what he does in the future!”

Coach Kujat

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