Sports Performance

The Sports Performance program at PSP3 is an individualized sports specific program catered to improving the athlete’s performance at all levels of competition.  PSP3 offers two distinct programs for athletes depending on their ability and age.  Prior to starting all athletes will have an initial evaluation where weaknesses and goals will be identified, allowing an individual plan to be set.  All workouts will be implemented by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with experience working with athletes from middle school to the professional ranks.

Interested in trying us out?  Click here to schedule your free evaluation workout!  This workout will allow our coaches to create to most individualized program to you!



Classes will focus on:


Sports Performance Foundations

- Coordination/Balance

- Bodyweight Strength

- Running Mechanics

- Flexibility/Injury Prevention

- Olympic Lifting Technique


Peak Sports Performance

- Power (olympic lifts and plyometrics)

- Strength

- Speed

- Change of Direction

- Quickness

- Flexibility/Injury Prevention


Team Training: available for teams with more than 10 athletes, contact us for details


Individual Personal Training (1-3 athletes): available during non class times, contact us for availability

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