Apr 14

Summer 2016 Hours


Summer Hours:

Starting Monday, May 23rd

*WE WILL BE CLOSED 5/28, 5/30, 7/4*



8am, 9am, 1pm, 2pm, 5pm, 6pm



9am (MADNESS), 10am, 11am


Sports Yoga:

Monday 7:15pm

Wednesday and Thursday 10:15am

Dec 11

Winter Break Hours


Winter Break Hours:


Saturday, December 12th: 10am, 11am classes (NO 12pm)

Wednesday, December 16th: NO SPORTS YOGA


December 21st-January 3rd, College/Pro schedule goes through January 16

Monday-Friday: 10am (College/Pro only), 11am, 330pm, 430pm, 530pm

Saturday: 9am (MADNESS), 10am, 11am


Thursday, December 24th: 10am (ALL allowed), 11am, 12pm, 1pm

Friday, December 25th: CLOSED

Saturday, December 26th: 9am (MADNESS), 10am, 11am

Thursday, December 31st: 10am (ALL allowed), 11am, 12pm, 1pm

Friday, January 1st: CLOSED

Saturday, January 2nd: 9am (MADNESS), 10am, 11am


Sports Yoga Schedule

Tuesday, December 22nd: 630pm

Wednesday, December 23rd: 630pm

Monday, December 28th: 630pm

Wednesday, December 30th: 630pm


Please contact Coach Hemphill if you have any questions at all, 913-217-8322 or nathan@psp3.biz


Sep 22



We are happy to announce that we will be having our Grand Opening event for our new facility on Sunday, September 27th from 3-5pm! There will be free food and giveaways so please come join in celebrating what our family has built!  Details are below:


3:00pm – Unveiling of new facility and welcome from Coach Hemphill

3:30pm – Swine Enthusiasts catered BBQ served, first come first serve

4:30pm – Drawing for gift cards (you do not have to be in attendance)


There will be no classes on Friday (9/25) or Saturday (9/26) so that we can finish moving all of the equipment in preparation for Sunday.



15445 Metcalf Ave, Suite B

Overland Park, KS 66213


The facility is located on the EAST side of Metcalf, directly behind “Car Quest Auto Parts” and “Fitness Alliance”.  There will be pointer signs as you will not see facility from Metcalf.  You must drive through the open gated fence to get to the facility.  I recommend anyone coming south on US 69 Hwy to take the 167th Street exit and then come NORTH on Metcalf.

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact us at 913-217-8322 or nathan@psp3.biz

Sep 07

Labor Day 2015

We will be CLOSED for Labor Day on Monday, September 7th.  All classes will resume on Tuesday, September 8th at 3:30pm.  We hope that you all have a great holiday!

Aug 12

2015 “School Class Schedule”


We hope that everyone had a great summer!  School has started back up which means that our class schedule has changed.  Be sure to check the times below, and contact Coach Hemphill with any questions.

Class School Schedule


Class Schedule


3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm



Regular Classes 10am, 11am, 12pm

Sports Yoga:

Monday/Wednesday 7:45pm

Jul 03

Senior Spotlight 2015: Colton Larkins


We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2015: Colton Larkins

Larkins Senior 2015


Height: 6’1″/175lbs

Year in School/School: Freshmen/Crowder College (Blue Springs South High School)

Sports Played: Baseball

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): Clayton Kershaw

Sports Goal: 90 mph fastball

Most Memorable Sports Experience: Throwing a 1 hitter while only having 8 players on defense

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP312 months

Favorite Movement/Lift: Nate’s flossing and deadlift

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3The coaches create a positive environment that pushes all of the athletes to be their best

Advice to Other Athletes: “Work hard.”

“Over the past year we have seen a distinctive change in Colton in his approach to becoming more physical not only in the weight room but also on the mound.  That change was driven by his desire to increase his velocity going into his senior year of high school/freshmen year of college.  It has been my pleasure to help Colton see how the weight room can help him get to where he wants to be by increasing his strength/power while also increasing flexibility at the same time.  All the hard work that Colton put in this past offseason with his long toss, lifting and lessons was the catalyst to why he had such a great 2015 campaign at Blue Springs South and I have no doubt that that will continue as he heads down to Crowder this fall!”

Coach Hemphill

Jul 02

Senior Spotlight 2015: Blake Roberts


We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2015: Blake Roberts

Roberts Senior 2015

Height: 5’9″/170lbs

Year in School/School: Freshmen/University of Central Missouri (Blue Springs South High School)

Sports Played: Baseball

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): Wade Davis

Sports Goal: Play college baseball

Most Memorable Sports Experience: Playing in the Legion Regionals in Fargo, ND

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP312 months

Favorite Movement/Lift: Box Jump

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3Getting in a great workout while interacting with others…..and the competition

Advice to Other Athletes: “Success is a ladder that one cannot climb with their hands in their pockets.”

“This past year with Blake has been such a blessing.  Blake is an extremely humble athlete who has worked his tail off to get where he is today, and will continue to work his tail off to make a college baseball team next fall.  He doesn’t possess the 90mph fastball that highly recruited athletes do, but Blake does have a tremendous amount of grit and mental strength that will take him far no matter what his collegiate athletes career becomes.  I am very proud of the progress that Blake has made while here with us, he has taken everything we have taught him and put it to great use in maximizing his ability.  We wish Blake only the best as he heads down to UCM, I have no doubt his quality characteristics as well as athletic ability will shine through.”

Coach Hemphill

Jul 01

Senior Spotlight 2015: Jared Robbins


We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2015: Jared Robbins

Robbins Senior 2015


Height: 6’0″/175lbs

Year in School/School: Freshmen/Johnson County Community College (Rockhurst High School)

Sports Played: Baseball

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): Derek Jeter

Sports Goal: Continue to gain weight, increase my flexibility and get in shape for college

Most Memorable Sports Experience: Hitting a home run in Cooperstown, NY in a baseball tournament

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP322 months

Favorite Movement/Lift: Back Squat

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3I love the fact that you get to push yourself to compete against other athletes and yourself, instead of just going through a workout without any motivation

Advice to Other Athletes: “Put all of your effort into each rep that you do whether it’s lifting or practicing for your sport.  Don’t go through the motions.  Really focus on what you are doing and how you can be better.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jared for almost two years.  Jared came to us as already an explosive athlete, just one who lacked the flexibility and technique to make his movements more efficient.  In these two years Jared has really focused on those things as they hold to key to creating more power on the mound and at the plate.  I am excited for Jared to get the opportunity to play at JCCC next year.  Being a competitive athlete I know Jared will push his Cavalier teammates to get better, leading to another great season in 2016.  We wish him only the best and will be there cheering him, Brett Ferencz, Grant Hoppock and Adam Thies on this coming fall and spring!”

Coach Hemphill

Jun 30

Senior Spotlight 2015: Jack Allen


We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2015: Jack Allen

Allen, J Senior 2015

Height: 5’7″/150lbs

Year in School/School: Freshmen/Friends Universty (Maranatha Christian Academy)

Sports Played: Track

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): Cleanthony Early

Sports Goal: 49.0-400m (quarter mile), 1:56-800m (half mile), 4:18-1600m (mile)

Most Memorable Sports Experience: 4th place in the 1500m at the 2013 AAU Club Nationals in Disney World

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP39 months

Favorite Movement/Lift: Squats

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3The coaches that push me to my limits

Advice to Other Athletes: “Do what you love no matter what.  Let God draw the path for your life.”

“It has been our honor to have Jack as a part of our family.  When a young man with such a passion for his sport comes in ready to get to work it really makes our job easy.  His abilities on the track have proven to be special and we’re extremely proud of all of his accomplishments.  There is no question he has put all his effort into being the best runner he can be by continuing to push his limits in the weight room.  His attention to detail, positive attitude and strong faith in God has given Jack the ability to further his athletic career at Friends University next fall!  We are looking forward to watching him burn up the track and grow as a young man!”

Coach Kujat

Jun 29

Senior Spotlight 2015: Kyle Klomfahs


We are proud of all of the hard work of each one of our seniors! Learn more about them below:


Senior 2015: Kyle Klomfahs

Klomfahs Senior 2015


Height: 6’2″/205lbs

Year in School/School: Freshmen/Iowa Western Community College (Olathe Northwest High School)

Sports Played: Baseball

Favorite All Time Athlete(s): Derek Jeter

Sports Goal: Become as strong, skilled and fast as I can be before heading off to college

Most Memorable Sports Experience: Reaching my first of many goals in signing to play for the top JUCO team in America

How Long Have You Been Training at PSP314 months

Favorite Movement/Lift: Deadlift “with heavy weights, exposes me being a beefcake”

Favorite Part of Training at PSP3The competitive, team driven conditioning that mimics sports

Advice to Other Athletes: “You don’t have to have talent to work hard.”

“Kyle….or Klomfahs as he is know here brings an attitude that you do not see in a lot of young athletes these days.  His quote above mimics exactly who he is an athlete.  He may not be the most talented athlete but I would bet you would have trouble finding an athlete that works harder.  We are firm believers here that hard work never dies and that athletes should embrace adversity to help them become mentally stronger as the mental will holds much more power than the body.  When Klomfahs started he came to me with multiple goals that he wanted to reach, and I could have not been more proud than when he told me that he had signed to play baseball at Iowa Western next year.  Coach Rardin is getting one hard working young man who will push his teammates to get better daily.”

Coach Hemphill

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